Menu bar V2

  • 10 March 2023
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We enabled the version 2 of the menu bar. When switching from ticketing to facilities, it used to change from Blue to Green. Is this going to happen with the new menu?

3 replies

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@DWallis 434c1d brooklyn 

The changing of left navigation colors between modules has changed with V2. The left navigation will now be blue going in between modules. 

At the top right corner you will see which module you are viewing



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Great design. However the color change was also very helpful for those who “don't read” to identify which system we were working in..😁

I’m hoping there will be an enhancement to allow districts to change the theme colors between the two systems.




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@mfischer Thank you for adding your insight here! It does take some getting used to; I am still getting turned around. 😄