modify or customize email notification subject line or email rule variables on ticket creation

  • 26 July 2023
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Is it possible to modify ticket notification subject line to include more detail?


We have a ticker that uses the subject line to display and would like to have an email sent on ticket creation with ticket number, subject, location etc.  


I tried creating a rule but did not see a way to create variables or expressions in the email rule.


For instance are old system web help desk had this:


  • <ticket_id> = Ticket number
  • <request_type> = Request Type
  • <status_type> = Status Type
  • <priority_type> = Priority Type
  • <client> = Client's full name
  • <client_short> = Client's first initial and last name
  • <client_phone> = Client's primary phone
  • <client_email> = Client's primary e-mail
  • <assigned_to> = Party responsible for Ticket (Tech, Tech Group, or manager)
  • <assigned_to_short> = Short form of <assigned_to> (uses initials for first names)
  • <tech> = Tech's full name
  • <tech_short> = Tech's first initial and last name
  • <tech_phone> = Tech's primary phone
  • <tech_email> = Tech's primary e-mail
  • <room> = Room
  • <location> = Location
  • <model> = Model number
  • <subject> = Subject
  • <report> = Report
  • <due_datetime> = Date & time Ticket is due
  • <scheduled_datetime> = Date & time Ticket is scheduled to be worked on
  • <work_datetime> = The same as <scheduled_datetime> (backward compatibility)
  • <work_time> = Work time recorded in Ticket Tech Notes
  • <custom_1> = 1st custom field
  • <custom_2> = 2nd custom field
  • <custom_n> = nth custom field

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4 replies

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@TCummings 9174959 juhsd Thank you for submitting your idea to Community! Please go and comment and upvote this idea; it is exactly what you are looking for! 😄


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@TCummings 9174959 juhsd


Great news this is now live in production!


Here is the Knowledge base guide around this feature.


@Hannah Bailey I didn’t see custom fields on the available variables. Did I just miss it or is it not supported?


For some of our tickets we use custom fields. It would be great to put those custom field variables in an email and send it to someone as a notification. That’s what I expected when I saw this go to production but I am not seeing the option.



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Hey @mdangelo 

Custom variables are not supported. But there is an idea in our idea exchange 😁