No Subject Field when Creating a new Ticket

  • 2 February 2024
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When users email to create a ticket, the subject of the email is populated as the subject, and our tickets are much easier to scan.

However, when a ticket is created on the website, there is no opportunity to type a subject, only a description, and it makes the ticket list harder to scan becuase we have to open the tiket to view the description.

Is there a way to require the user to enter a subject and a description on the website?



3 replies

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@BLevien 3901dca seaburyhall Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 

The subject of the ticket should be the issue. Could you submit an example of what you are seeing? 


@Kathryn Carter 


When I go to <ourdomain>/agent/tickets/open  I see the following list of tickets. Note that some of the subjects are useful and tell me what the Subject of the ticket (submitted via email) like Printer for Tech Booth, and others have justthe category, so I have to click into the ticket to see what it’s all about “i.e - “Software Not Listed > Issue not Listed”


My Ticket View:



Using Site Create Ticket Workflow:

There is no option for the user to enter a subject, only click through the pre-defined topics/categories and add a description.


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@BLevien 3901dca seaburyhall I see how this would be frustrating. I hope my various suggestions below help! 

First, I would suggest creating some quick tickets for your users. This will have the issue as the subject instead of just “issue not listed” for those repeat tickets. 

Next, You can change the subject after it is submitted but that would add extra work for your techs. 

Finally, here is an idea you can upvote and comment your example on for this enhancement.