Not receiving email notifications for submitted tickets

  • 16 October 2023
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I have literally every notification box checked to receive  emails for tickets but for some reason i am not receiving emails for submitted tickets. it looks like i will get emails once i assign the ticket to myself and updates but not without first assigning them to myself. This is a little inconvenient since i will have to periodically check to see if tickets are being submitted. is anyone here having this issue or has found a solution?


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4 replies


The only way I have seen for new tickets is to create a rule. 



        -When created

             -Create new rule


When you look inside of alerts in the drop down, you can select to send to a user or team. Whatever works for you.



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As far as I know, you’re not missing anything - you could follow Kristophers suggestion, or you could do what we do for our facilities staff.


We set up a Team for their agents, new tickets that come in are automatically assigned to the team, they get ticket notification emails via the “Ticket Updated” team member notification setting. 

The create a rule suggestion helped. I was surprised this isnt a default feature. thanks again i you guys. i did see an option for the groups as well. going to look into that too but as of right now the create rule option helped a ton. we are now getting notified for submitted tickets. Thanks again.

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Thank you @KHowe 90708b3 rockland @MichaelK12 for adding your solutions here!

Glad to hear @EPierre 7675a41 nrcollab you have a solution, and for marking the answer that helped you! 😄