Only notify when an unassigned ticket is assigned to the team

  • 31 January 2024
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I work for a large school district that has a tiered tech tree.


Each tech has X amount of sites and it responsible for those sites. The three techs also have additional work that gets assigned to the team but not a specific tech.


Is it possible to only get the notifications when the ticket is assigned to the team and not to a specific tech.


We each get dozens of tickets every day and right now I can either be notified every time they get a ticket or mute all notifications for the team. 


The team ticket view will sort out unassigned team tickets but there is no notification setting to just get notified when a ticket is assigned to the team and not a specific tech.

4 replies

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@GHolm 4807017 wccusd Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 

For this workflow, you can turn off notifications for the user. However, you can have a rule set up to send an email when the ticket is submitted. 

Could I get some more information, like the status of the tickets, just submitted? You can add filters there. 


We currently have a helpdesk. When ever a ticket gets submitted it gets assigned to the helpdesk team.


The helpdesk will start the ticket if the can help and/or they will assign the ticket to a specific tech depending on the tickets location. They will then change the team to be desktop technician.


If the ticket is not location specific or if it is for all techs it will get assigned to the team.


Right now we will either get a notification when the helpdesk assigns to any tech in the desktop team or we can mute the notifications and we will not know when a ticket is unassigned in the team.

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@GHolm 4807017 wccusd Thank you for adding more detail. 

My recommendation (with the help of @EStapf_iiQ) would be to turn off the site notifications and add the rule with the filters of Team: _____ and Agent: not assigned. 

Try this and let me know if this will work for you. 😄

Thank you I will try.