Our help desk creates hundreds of tickets on behalf of users. Is there a way to make searching for a user the first step in the process?

  • 13 October 2022
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Each day, our help desk creates hundreds of tickets on behalf of our users.


“Hi, thanks for calling the help desk. Can I start by getting your name please?”


When the user provides the agent their name, the agent has to first click the “Edit Requestor” button with each new ticket they create, and then search for the user.


Is there any option to change the behavior so clicking “Edit Requestor” each time isn’t necessary? Is it possible the “Search users” option be available right from the get-go, so our agents don’t need to click “Edit Requestor” each time a user calls in?


Trying to find the fastest way to get the ticket wizard up and on the screen and minimizing the number of clicks necessary to get there.



3 replies

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Instead of clicking new ticket and then changing the requestor, you can search the user, then once you have the student, then click New Ticket and that should put the ticket in the students name. Does that make sense?

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@zige Thank you for submitting your question. I agree with @Cozmo03 ‘s method.

Does this solution what you were looking for?

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Wanted to follow up on this post @zige. What was your end solution? 😄