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  • 5 January 2024
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We’re seeing a large uptick in physical damages to Chromebooks. We attempted to take pictures and add them to every ticket, but we forget frequently. Is there a way to require a picture before you close a ticket? Anyone doing anything different? 


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4 replies

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Happy 2024 @MSmith 51710f5 amherstk12 I think leveraging “required” custom fields that are only visible to the agents might help accomplish exactly what you’d like to accomplish. This would be hidden for your requestors, but would be required for your agents working tickets. You could also only require it for certain issues and/or models. What do you think? Here’s too less damaged devices in 2024 🤣

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There’s not currently a way to require a file upload using the built in file attachment field. You can create a custom attachment field and make it required, but then you have two fields on the ticket and if you upload to the optional one, the required one isn’t fulfilled - that’s ugly. I’ve had this complaint for a while.

I created the idea post below about it. I think allowing the option to disable the built-in field would be nice, or have the option to make it required by ticket type. Either way would be helpful.


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@MSmith 51710f5 amherstk12 Do you want the photograph added by the requestor or the agent?


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