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Is there a way to pin a comment in the timeline to appear at the top?


Context: There is a date typo in the ticket text that can’t be edited. I wanted to let the team working on it know that the date is wrong, but not get lost at the bottom of the timeline as the subtasks and actions are completed. I thought if I could pin the comment at the top that would help.

I thought it could also be an action, but I think it would have the same problem.

Any help is appreciated.

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@MSmith 9172fb3 tcss - to my knowledge, I don't believe there is a way to arrange or pin comments in a ticket. One thought would be to create a new ticket with the correct description and merge the tickets. Otherwise, I would recommend you vote for this idea to be able to edit the ticket description! Editing the "Describe your Issue" after Ticket is created. | Community (

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@MSmith 9172fb3 tcss Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

@Erica is correct, it is currently not a function but I like your thinking! You could add that as a separate idea and comment on the edit description issue idea linked above as well!