Prevent iiQ from sending emails to non-email service account?

  • 7 September 2023
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Product we use for account automation sends as various email accounts that do not have mailboxes.  As such they bounce when a ticket is updated until requestor and follower updated to remove.  Is there a better way to prevent iiQ from sending ticket updates to these emails?



7 replies

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@CLee 1176405 shakopee Could you provide a little bit more information here? What kind of email addresses are these? Additionally, are those emails submitting tickets?

@Kathryn Carter 

These are service accounts that send emails ending in our domain address.  The service accounts send as these addresses to generated tickets from our account automation tool (ClassLink OneSync).

They do not have mailboxes just sending as that addresses so when iiQ attempts to report update on ticket it hits our mail server and gets a bounce that account doesn’t exist.

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@CLee 1176405 shakopee Are those emails being added as a follower to the ticket? If so, we can have them removed as a follower and then they would not receive any replies. 


They are the initial requester.

We are still working out the process of changing client;

  • Keep automation account and set user as on behalf
  • Set entire ticket to user

If requester is these service accounts even if remove as a follower they would still get email notice, right?

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@CLee 1176405 shakopee Okay, I would add that email account as a user and then you can filter by them submitting the ticket, remove them as a follower, and then set the email to send on behalf of.

Have you reached out to your CSM to help you get this workflow set up?

Not sure I am following.

  • Currently OneSync runs process to Add/Enable/Disable a user
  • Email is sent as Onesync[student/staff] to iiQ
  • Create rule runs that based on sender email adds some tags as we currently can’t set Issue type due to Subject/Issue being same display line 
  • iiQ sees requester as Onesync[student/staff] user
    • Can’t set new users day of ticket as they haven’t been synced in from Azure yet

No have not tried reaching out to CSM. We have a few other questions and meeting with our building level techs today may have other questions to compose and send to them.

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@CLee 1176405 shakopee When the service account creates the ticket, what is the purpose of creating that ticket? 

Unfortunately, we cannot stop automated emails, but it would be a great idea to add to our Idea Exchange: