Preventing Google Devices App From Changing Owner iin Spare Pool

  • 10 October 2023
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We are currently using Spare Pools for our damaged Chromebooks. I have set up a rule to remove the owner and switch the location to the help desk whenever they get entered into the spare pool group. But it seems whenever google devices syncs, the owner gets updated which changes the location from the help desk. Is there a way to have Googler Devices ignore the devices in the Spare Pool? I would like for the devices to have an unassigned owner and show location as Help Desk just to have things be more organized. 


Thank you


1 reply

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@AKnott 213957c ritenourschools 

Syncs are not conditional and does not look if a devices is in a spare pool or not. This would be an enhancement request. 


To achieve what you are wanting you would have to disable this Google Devices settings:

That setting is looking at the most recent user, and it ignores how long it's been since that person logged into the device so they'll likely continue to experience this until the recent user is cleared by google