Putting deadlines/due dates in tickets

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Is there a way to add a due date/deadline to a ticket?

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I am not 100% sure on this, but I feel like I have seen someone ask this on Reddit, and there is a beta feature that you can add a calendar add-on through your IIQ support rep.


We have wondered about this feature as well.

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I’ve added a custom date field to a reservation request before but it isn’t something that can be acted upon by rules.  

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Does anybody know if this is a feature built into Incident IQ or is this something that should be added to a “Feature Request”?


I just ran into this and wanted to add a deadline for a ticket but could not find a way to do this.

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@Cozmo03 - You are correct. We do have Due Date which is a beta feature. 

If you want to turn it on for your district please email support and request for these beta be turned on. 


Any idea when this will be out of “beta” testing?

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For now, it is still in beta testing. By request, we can enable this feature. 😁

If we wanted to explore this option for our district, is there an extra cost?

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@CLoureiro 8870436 nauset 

No extra cost. Please let us know if you would like for us to enable the Due Date feature for your district. 


if we activate the Due Date feature for our district, does that mean that all users can add a due date when they submit a ticket? We wouldn’t want that, especially since we allow students to submit tickets to the system.

We would like to select in Admin settings who had permission to add a due date; we’d like only Agents and Admins to be able to do this.  

Reason: we get tickets for enrollments/withdrawals, new hires/resignations, student teachers, contracted staff- sometimes weeks in advance. Often cannot do anything with accounts & equipment so early. I do lower the priority on these in my queue, but it would be much better if I could select a DUE DATE for each ticket, so I could sort on that.

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@BFB - Only agents and admin can add due dates to tickets. There are currently no permissions for due dates, so all agents and admin can set due dates. 

Excellent. Can we add this feature ourselves, or do we request it from IncidentIQ? I see in an above post that there is no additional cost.

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@BFB - Correct, no extra cost. I will get this turned on for you and your district. 😄



If we have due dates already turned on, is there a way to have the due dates assigned in a ticket template or added as a rule for tickets created by the system service?


Thank you!

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@ASanes 800c385 mosesbrown Currently there is not a way to add by rules nor ticket templates. 

However there is an idea submitted about assigning Due Dates via shortcuts - check it out: