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  • 13 November 2023
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I know this is a new feature and your working through the bugs so I apologize if I’m starting the questions too early :)  Is it possible to set up a quick ticket for an issue that is under the Software Not Listed issue category under Software? We have an App Request issue type under software not listed and I’d like to use that for a Quick Ticket for our instructional staff. It would be the perfect solution for what we are trying to do. Thanks!



2 replies

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A workaround that might work for you:

You might be able to make a custom category / issue for it, not make it visible to anyone but the Admin role, and then create your quick ticket from that.

Then set a “When Created” rule to switch it to “Software Not Listed”


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Hi @lhofius thanks for your post! This is a great find and we will be sure to report to our product team. @jclark16 came up with a great workaround as it currently exists.