Recurring Events

  • 11 July 2023
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Will it be possible to make events recurring? We typically have regularly scheduled events, such as bi-weekly meetings and daily after school programs that we input. It would be much easier to not have to individually enter each event, especially if it’s a daily event that lasts for the school year.


7 replies

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@CO'Neil 580b853 windsorct 



There is a site option that you have to enable.


Once this is enable, when creating an event you will see the recurring option. 


Thank you @Hannah Bailey. Are you working on changing the recurring button feature? I’m curious if we will be able to manually enter the dates for a recurring event. For example, if there is a meeting that takes place Monday, September 18, Monday, October 30 and Monday, November 20 would there be a way to enter these dates on the ticket or is the expectation to enter each event separately? Currently, if you select monthly it only uses the date that is put on the ticket (i.e. September 20, October 20, November 20 etc.) 

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@CO'Neil 580b853 windsorct There is an idea you can upvote in order to see this specific idea in action 

I know our Product team has been working on enhancing Events, so hopefully, we will see this cross the finish line soon. 😄


This does not allow users, external users, or faculty/staff to enter recurring events.  I would like to have recurring available to all of my users.

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@AHayes-Allen Thank you for your feedback and for adding your comment on the idea as well! Any feedback the Product team receives, the better! 


Can you add bi-weekly as a recurring option?


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@MSchantz 200a690 bridgerayn Thank you for providing your input on this question. Please take a look at this idea to upvote and comment your use case on: