Remote Support Ticketing - Guest Users with Students at Multiple Locations

  • 21 August 2023
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We are utilizing Remote Support Ticketing and parents are submitting tickets(as guest) who have students at more than one location.  I.E. - Student 1 attends High School, Student 2 attends middle school.  If I enter a ticket with my guest email for student 1 and select high school and later enter a ticket for student 2, my location defaults to student 1’s location despite the fact that I chose a different location on the initial screen.  This in combination with the security password is creating a very unpleasant experience for our parent population.  How can we resolve the location defaulting to a parent’s previous choice.  (This also occurs when a student moves up in grade level to a new school, Parent’s email is attached to old location and default(and routes) to that location).


3 replies

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@jeremyjameson Thank you for submitting your question to our Community. 

This logic is hard-coded into our system, so we are unable to change it. The parent accounts will default to the first location they submitted a ticket to. This would be a great enhancement to add to our Idea Exchange:


I have the same issue and this makes Remote Supoort Ticketing useless.


Please consider changing this ASAP.

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Thank you for your feedback @BAuker 4803e65 westfieldnjk12. Once this idea is submitted to Idea Exchange, I will attach the link here for you to provide your feedback. 😄