Remove ignore from select asset or use a rule to kick ticket back

  • 13 December 2022
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Is there a way to remove the ignore option from the select asset action? We have a lot of techs that are not attaching the actual asset to a ticket, and leaving them with the generic model for a machine (see below)

Is there a way to remove the ignore button on this, or kick the ticket back to the agent if there is not an asset selected?

3 replies

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Hey mmickey,

Under Administration----→ Site Options Check that this is turned off. It should remove the Select Asset requirement in tickets. 


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@MD14, it was already set that way, but the agent still gets the ignore button :-( 

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@mmickey There is not a way to remove the “ignore” button from confirming the asset. 

You could submit this into our Idea Exchange as an enhancement request: