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  • 24 February 2023
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After a ticket has been resolved, can a requestor reopen a ticket by replying to the email notification? At the bottom of the email notification, it says “If you would like to follow up, add comments or communicate with followers on this ticket you may reply to this email at any time”. 

I tried testing it, and replied to an email, my comment showed up on the ticket, but it did not reopen it. 


Best answer by Kathryn Carter 1 March 2023, 15:43

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3 replies

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@MYagley 9501bfe rochester Thank you for submitting your question.

Do you want the email reply to trigger the ticket reopening, or would you just like a notification that the person has replied? 


I would want the email reply to trigger the ticket to reopen. We get so many notifications/ emails from incidentIQ, many of our technicians have turned off all their notifications.

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@MYang 733cf5c holmen We can set up a rule to make this happen. If requestors reply within the online platform, the ticket will reopen. However, it will not via email. 

Here is the screenshot of the rule I created to make this happen. I hope this helps 😄