Round Robin Assignment Issue with Creating Tickets on Behalf Of

  • 1 August 2022
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We have recently decided to use Round Robin assignments for created tickets. However, we have run into an issue.


Our Help Desk Call Center creates tickets On Behalf of users when they call in. In this scenario, it would make sense for the ticket to be assigned to the agent on call with the user. However, there is not an option (that I can find) within rules engines to assign a ticket based on the Agent who created the ticket on behalf of a user.


Because of this, this is the current work flow:

  1. Agent takes call
  2. Agent creates ticket on Behalf of user
  3. Agent Submits ticket
  4. Ticket is Round Robin assigned to Team member (by rule)
  5. Original agent has to take ownership of the ticket manually.

We’d like to remove the need for step 5. Instead, step 4 should be (based on rule) assign ticket to agent creating the ticket.


Anyway to accomplish this in the current iteration of IIQ?

5 replies

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Hi @davecarty 
Thanks for your question and patience. I have been working behind the scenes to see if there was a way to achieve this. Currently there is not a way to achieve what you are trying to do with the Round Robin in action. 
However it is a great idea! You should submit this into our Idea Exchange:



can you have your agent immediately click the assign to me button once they hit submit ticket? this is how we are achieving this right now. It is an extra click, but at least it immediately puts it into that agent’s queue. Here’s a screenshot: 


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@HWeddle 133a03 msad75 , yes. That is are current work around as well. Thanks

Has there been any change to this request or does the agent need to immediately click the ‘assign to me’ button after they submit the ticket?

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No change I’m aware of.