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I Know I can run a rule simulation to see its application on a ticket.  I was wondering if there was a way to query tickets to see how many times the rule has run and those tickets it has been applied too?  Maybe it is there and I am just missing it.


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I asked about this recently too and was told unfortunately there isn’t. You can go to an individual ticket and look at its timeline and rule log to see. But to go to the rule first the only workaround I have (which isn’t great) is to have it send me an email when the rule is run. And have those go straight to a specific folder/mark as read so you don’t clutter up your inbox. Alternatively you could have the rule apply a tag to the ticket in question and create a view to filter for that tag. Though in that case you’re trusting no one removes the tag.

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@bclark Thanks for jumping in here. Both of the solutions you provided would be my suggestions. 

@MLund 7030f35 sd308 This is not possible at this time. However, here is an idea to upvote to track those tickets!