Rules: Prevent ticket from being transferred or resolved if...

  • 12 January 2024
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Hi again, everyone.


I’m trying to set a rule that says, basically:

  • WHEN a ticket is created,
  • IF the ticket does not have a linked asset
  • THEN set prevent the ticket from being transferred to another agent or resolved

Essentially, I want to ensure the agent cannot advance the ticket forward without an asset being linked to it.

From what I’ve found poking around in the Rules engine, I don’t see a way to set the logic to identify if a ticket doesn’t have a linked asset. So I could maybe fudge this by saying something to the effective of:

  • IF the ticket has a linked asset of [generic asset model here]

That way, if an agent just selects a generic “laptop” model, it won’t allow the ticket to progress until they’ve selected another asset.

Does that make sense? Does anyone have any ideas how that could be done?


1 reply

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@zige Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

You can enable the requirement to confirm the asset. However, this would be for every ticket; you cannot filter by specific type of issue to show—just a thought to get started.