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  • 28 March 2023
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We are trying to create a rule to assign tickets to the most available tech in a specific team at a specific location and I cannot quite figure out the logic on it. 


We have 3 locations with 2 techs each.

team 1 @ site 1

team 2 @ site 2

team 3 @ site 3


we want to assign tickets for site 1 to team 1 then to the  most available tech for that site . The same for the other 2 sites. I am trying to keep this all in one rule but I am un sure of exactly how to lay out the filtering.


Any help would be appreciated. . 



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4 replies

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I am pretty sure you would not be able to set this all in one rule. You would need 3 rules for the 3 locations and 3 teams setup. It would look something like the attached image, except the most available team member would be set to 1 of the 3 teams.

Hope that helps.

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@SMillsTVSD is on a roll for getting these questions answered! I love to see it! 😄

@CTapee 88732cc oxnardunion You will need to set up 3 separate rules, 1 for each location, just as Smills has above! Make sure your teams are assigned that match the locations. I hope this is what you are looking for 😊

Okay. This helped put me on the right path. I had to do a rule that assigns to teams by location and categories. I then had to go under the “when assigned” trigger and create the 3 rules that then assigns them to the most available tech. Everything appears to be firing on all cylinders.


Thanks everyone! 

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@CTapee 88732cc oxnardunion So so glad to hear that!! 😄