Rules Tickets when Updated stuck in a loop

  • 6 December 2022
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I created a when “updated” rule that will assign a ticket to a specific team and change the status when a resolution action is preformed. The rule works when the action is preformed, but any further updates to the ticket will retrigger the previous action again and cause the ticket to loop. How can I keep this from retriggering the rule?


5 replies

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@JLandry 2174c43 ppsb Thank you for your patience on my reply. 

Instead of making the “Resolution Action” your filter, try “when field is updated” / “resolution action - pickup requested”. This will limit the rule to only trigger when the update of the resolution action is made.

I hope this helps 😄

This does fix the issue of the ticket triggering the rule on every update. However it still retriggers the rule if any other actions are preformed.

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@JLandry 2174c43 ppsb I peaked into the back end of your rules. If you add this filter, it will stop. 😄


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@Kathryn Carter ...I have a similar issue on one of my rules using this same thing.  We can’t seem to have it only run the rule when we select a specific resolution action.  Once I added what you listed above it now puts it in the loop anytime someone does ANY resolution action.  So it runs the rule properly and assigns it to the correct team/person, etc. but if anyone adds another (unrelated/different) resolution action such as fixing parts, etc. it will reassign the ticket once again.  Still creates a loop...just in a different location.

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@jax and @JLandry 2174c43 ppsb 

Can you please provide a screenshot of how you have the whole rule set up? I would like to try and replicate it on our test site. Also, if you have a ticket number where it didn’t perform correctly, we can look further.