Running rules multiple times

Backstory - I created a status called “waiting on agent” I want this to be set as the status when a requestor comments on their ticket. This way the agent can see what needs to be addresses.


I have a rule that triggers on update when a requestor comments change status to waiting on agent it works for the first reply but after that the rule log says “This rule Change to waiting on agent when requestor replies has already run at …...”


Anyway to make it rerun when those conditions are meet




Thank you


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Here is the error message I am receiving 



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This might be a dumb question but this sounds like you’re trying to do the inverse of the built in statues “In Progress” and “Waiting on Requestor”. Why not have your agents change the status to “Waiting on Requestor” anytime they need the client to update it, that way they know “In Progress” are ones that need attention?

That said I don’t know the answer but I’m curious about it. I don’t have any rules updating tickets that way currently but I see where it could be useful.



“in progress” to me is when a ticket an agent is actively working on. (maybe that’s my issue, and not really need to do this)  I want a way that a requestor comments on a ticket that will stand out to an agent so they need to address the ticket right away.


We are in the process of migrating to IncidentIQ and my current system does something like that and worked out well for us. Here is a screen shot of my current system. When I see the blue requestor responded I know that ticket needs attention.


Hopefully this makes sense.  



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Thanks. I get what you’re saying. Was just curious about it. 

In the screenshot below “Waiting on Agent” is what I am trying to get working though rules.


When a agent is looking at this screen they can see

“Waiting on Requestor” - Agent knows they replied and waiting for a reply

“In Progress” - Actively working on the ticket

“Waiting on Agent” - Requestor responded to a question the agent had and replied back.



Hopefully this makes sense and I am not over thinking this. My concern is without the rule any time the requestor replies back to a ticket the agent wouldn’t know if they all show as in Progress







Thanks. I get what you’re saying. Was just curious about it. 


Your welcome, I’m curious as well if I am over thinking what I am trying to do?


How does your agents know the requestor replied to a ticket?




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How does your agents know the requestor replied to a ticket?




In general we do what I mentioned in my first comment. If they are waiting on a requestor they use that status (we love that status, our old system didn’t have it). So “submitted” is one they haven’t started, “in progress” is one they have, and waiting on requestor is started but waiting on the teacher/student/etc. 

Personally I use a custom view of my tickets so I could customize the columns AND I have it sorted so the most recent update is on top. That way if a requestor does update a ticket it’s bumped up to the top for me. I don’t know if other agents do that but I certainly suggested it to them.

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@RWatson and @bclark I loved following this conversation and watching y’all work through this together! This is what our community is here for! 😄

As for the end goal, I would use the already included “Waiting on Requestor” or “In progress” and use @bclark ‘s suggestion of having them bump to the top. I totally understand where your brain is, but I think the simple solution would be to use the preset statuses in the system. Is there another use case or example you would use these for?