searching for all tickets with a certain action item

is there in anyway that i could pull out a record(s)  from all the tickets a certain action item like for example “invoice issued”  because i needed to know how many ticket(s)  that have “invoice issued” and identify all of them 


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Hello, @owen! The best way to do this is to create a custom view within tickets. You will use the filters: Workflow Filters > Resolution Action > Invoice Issued. Then, customize your columns to your preference. Once you have your view created, you can export this report into an excel also. Here is a help guide that explains Custom Views. Please let us know if you have any questions!


@Deborah Creekmore thank you for replying to this inquiry. This is a good input, but i was wondering if i could do this using the “user” instead of within a “tickets.” i was trying to pull out a file from certain users or grade levels, user IDs, user names, ticket numbers and more. If you could help me pull a file like that would be more useful. Thanks

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Thank you for clarifying, @owen. Unfortunately, filtering by actions is only possible from the ticket view. However, your specific request may be possible through a multi-step approach.

From the initial custom ticket view that I explained in my last post, you can export a “Requested For” column and copy/paste that column into a user custom view filter (by “user name” , “user email” , etc.) to pull the user export column. Then, make sure both exports are organized by the same sort orders and this could help provide a comprehensive report, under users, for the ticket action you are wanting.

I apologize for the complex response, but I wanted to offer another possible resolution. Please reach out if you have any more questions about this.

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I think what Deborah recommended is your best bet at this time if you need more user information. This is part of the same issue we get when looking for more detailed user info, but in other sections. I would recommend voting for my idea to make rules/filters/columns more universal so that you could create a Users view with all the ticket information and resolution actions you want to filter off.


The only other way you might be able to make it work is by creating a custom User field for the users needing a report, but that would have to be manually added or added via a Ticket Shortcut to each ticket. If the list of people is small enough, you could flag each user that way then pull your report when needed.

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Thank you for the additional info. and for passing along your idea, @TAnders

thank you for all the info

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I’d like to add to this.

I’m generating a report of Chromebook repairs we’ve done in the past year and it’s really difficult with iiQ. In the Reports - By Device Category is nice. I select Chromebooks and there’s a nice prebuilt report with pretty graphs. There’s a section called Top Actions Performed. This is cool but there is 0 data other than a green line. The only way to see a count is if I hover my mouse over the green line. 

So it would be nice for me to make a ticket view, and export the list with a column for the specific Action so I can get an accurate count.


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Thank you @etan 

There are a few ideas in our idea exchange regarding Analytics Explorer. I will list a few below 😁