Searching for old tickets within the "My iiQ Support Tickets" view

  • 14 February 2024
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I brought this up before, and I apologize if I sound like broken record.

I opened a ticket with iiQ yesterday about some bad teacher data syncing from Powerschool. I had created a case before about this issue, and I wanted to reference it in this new ticket. However, I for the life of me cannot find the old ticket. I know what keywords to search for, but there is no search capabilities currently I can use (or that I’m a ware of).  

I ended up literally opening one ticket at a time and tediously sifting through endless threads. Needless to say, I gave up after the tenth ticket in sheer frustration.

It doesn’t help either that the ticket subject titles are so generic and broad that they provide no meaningful insight into what the ticket is about. Previously, there was an option to add a "ticket description" column to this view, which greatly facilitated finding old tickets. However, this feature seems to have been removed by iiQ for reasons that elude me.

I apologize for the rant, but I'm curious if there are any tips or tricks that others use to easily locate old tickets within the "My iiQ Support Tickets" that I may not be aware of. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. 

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We have all of our ticket notifications go to a general email address and then we move them into a label. Because the search availability in IIQ is practically nil we search in the email to find our old tickets. Unfortunately, we had this program laid on us without choice and it is NOT a program that functions for our needs and we ARE NOT techy so we constantly have to find work arounds to make this program work. 

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@Daniel P Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

I have spoke with some of our product team about this and they thank you for your candor and ideas. Here is what we have come up with for looking through information within the iiQ Support Ticket area. First, you can adjust the layout of what is shown for these tickets: 

Next you can filter by the issue. 

Finally, there is an idea that you submitted already about this but I will add it for others to check out as well: 

If there is anything else, please submit those to Idea Exchange. 😄

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Thank you @TMiers 86354f2 mlsd161 for your feedback. Please note that our global search is currently being developed will be coming soon. Here is the thread to follow for updates: 


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I was about to post a question regarding the search as I thought it was just broken. It feels pretty much unusable right now because keywords do absolutely nothing. Using filters take forever to find something quickly. Best thing I can come up with now is simply sort the ticket by the agent and scroll through. 

I can’t imagine trying to use this with a very large organization processing tons of tickets. You can literally type the exact name of the ticket and it does nothing. I thought asset search was rough because we need to type it exact. For example, a chromebooks asset tag can CB_ABC1 and if you type ABC1 it won’t appear, but not a huge deal I just remember type CB_ first, but with this it doesn’t matter what you do.

What’s the point of having a ticket search if you need the ticket # to search for the ticket? If we had the ticket number then it probably means we are looking at the ticket and don’t need to search. 


I wonder if it might work to use the API to connect the data on IIQ to an AI assistant that is interacted with a chat format. Then we can simply say “I’m looking for a ticket, the user is John, Smith and some keywords are: gym, leak, water, rain……. then it comes back and gives you the tickets corresponding to the request in order based on highest match. 



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@NEngland 743eb7a jeffersonrise thank you for your feedback. Here is an idea for you to upvote and comment on: