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  • 15 April 2022
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We have issues with duplicate tickets.  Most of our tickets come in through email so we may have 2 or 3 different users ask if we can provide a certain user with some equipment for instance.  Is there a way to search the tickets subject and comments for a name?  I know for instance I had the name of the person in the subject of my ticket I created for the issue and the best way I could find it is to search my email for the name of the person and then look at the IIQ ticket number.  This of course doesn’t help me with the other tickets in the system that were input for the same issue.


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4 replies

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I called support on this and they said it was not possible at this point in time.  Well if you go to the dashboard, click on the mag glass search icon, search for a name, it will pop you to a user search.  You can then click back on tickets and it will put the filters of your search up on the screen where you can click the X on each filter until all you have left is key word search and it will then find all the tickets with that name/word your looking for.  Not sure why their support didn’t know this.  

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@SJacobson Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 I am just following up on some of our older posts. 

Could you give me some more context for this workflow? I want to make sure I am truly understanding your request. There are a few things I was thinking of that would link to this question. 

First, Here is a workaround to view all merged tickets together: 

Second, our global search is currently in development so that our search engine will be able to find those tickets more efficiently. Here is the link to follow for updates: 

I hope this helps 😄

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This is no longer an issue.

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@SJacobson Thank you so much for updating us and we are glad to hear it! 😄