Set Quick Tickets for Everyone

  • 17 April 2024
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Is there a way to create quick tickets as an Admin, and have everyone else be able to use them.

Currently right now, my quick tickets are just for myself. It would be helpful to be able to make a set of quick tickets that others can utilize, and everyone be on the same page. 


Best answer by jclark 19 April 2024, 14:23

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4 replies

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If you create it under the Quick Tickets section in the left nav (nested under “Admin”) you can create them there.

If you want all of your users in iiQ to have access to it, just leave the “Visible To” filters blank.


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@SMarion 490b5a6 purcellps Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

@jclark is correct! Please go into the Quick Tickets tab under Admin for the ability to assign quick tickets to your users. 


My question has to do with the next step.  I’ve created the Quick Ticket.  It’s visible to the users I’ve selected.  Is there a way for me to force the quick ticket to show on their dashboard instead of having them add it themselves?

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@Amanda McP This setting will lock the quick ticket to their dashboard 😄