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I know when we were first setting up our site, we talked about being able to submit a ticket with a form in the initial parent ticket. So if we had a PD request, the user could fill out the form, which then goes straight to our agent to approve/deny the request. Or if someone needed to update their W4 they could just create a ticket and immediately fill out the form, instead of submitting the ticket and then the form being attached once an agent has worked it. Is this still in the works, or did it kinda die out?


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@HMcCollum 7477687 eiase 
You can use the Rules Engine to attach Forms to tickets now! (It’s so great!)

More information can be found in the Adding Forms to Tickets - Guide

We also have a Premium App called Enhanced Approval Workflows. The capabilities allow for rules to easily automate the workflows based on roles, location, and other filters. This premium app also enables users like principals and other administrators, who generally are requestors in iiQ, to access and execute approvals easily and efficiently without having to be made into Agents. 

Enhanced Approval Workflows Premium App is available for the following modules:

  • iiQ Ticketing
  • iiQ Facilities
  • HR Service Delivery 
  • iiQ Events (This feature comes with this module) 

I’m happy to schedule some time with you to discuss!

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Is it possible to have the user fill out the form first, then create a ticket with the form responses already included in the ticket? I would like to avoid having teachers create a ticket, then have to go back and edit a form after the ticket has been created. It would be much better if the form submission created the ticket (this part I can do) then have the filled-out form already inside the ticket details.

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@Mike1 Thanks for your question. I am wondering if they fill out the form as they submit the ticket; the form should be saved and filled out as they are filling out the ticket. How is this working for you?

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@Kathryn Carter Everything is working if the teacher fills out the form as part of the ticket creation process. I was hoping a ticket could be generated by someone filling out the form, instead of filling out the form as part of the ticket. I can make a form create a new ticket on submission with the rules in place, but the data from the form doesn’t make it into the new ticket.

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@Mike1 I see what you are trying to do. However, that is different from how this setup will work. 

You could have the ticket intake or the required questions and then use that to answer the form questions, but it will not automatically populate the form. I would suggest having them submit a form within a ticket, making it a specific issue so it will be easier to find.