Submitting Images Through Mobile Site

  • 31 October 2023
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We recently switched to IIQ and a user was trying to send a picture from their phone in with their ticket using the Mobile Site (not to be confused with the Mobile App). In this case, he was using Safari on an iPhone and went to our IIQ site, logged in, and went through the ticket process. He claimed that he was unable to submit an image from his phone or camera through the site, even though the options were there. 

I too confirmed this on my iPhone using Safari and Google Chrome. You can click the button to “Take Photo” or “Add from Photo Library” but neither do anything. 

Am I missing something? Or is this a glitch? 

I totally understand end users not wanting to download an app on their device and just wanting to use the browser. This would be a welcome fix if it is indeed a glitch. 



3 replies

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I just tried it on Safari on my iPhone and I was able to submit an image (specifically Take a Photo) and add it to my ticket when I was creating it and afterwards when I was adding a comment to my ticket. I don’t see any settings in the Site Options. Did you make sure that your devices are not automatically blocking the Camera when using Safari (in iOS Settings > Safari > Camera > Ask/Deny/Allow)? 

Thanks @PBauchan 650c0fd mvsd. I did check those settings and even set it temporarily to “Allow” to make sure I wasn’t missing something and still no dice. 

I’ll reach out to support as maybe it is something with my specific instance of IIQ. 

Thank you for confirming it does work for others!

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@DAdmin 10f629 ithacaschools Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 

The support team will be able to escalate your issue to the proper channels. 

Thanks @PBauchan 650c0fd mvsd for confirming his issue!