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Where can you see subtasks on the iiQ app?  I am not sure if I am missing a setting or what, but tickets that I can see subtasks on the web I am not able to see them on the iiQ app.  It is VERY important for our agents to be able to see their subtasks for tickets as some tickets have 30-50 tasks to do for preventative maintenance.  Please help

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@Teara Coulombe Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

For Subtasks in Mobile, we are only able to see the number of Subtasks and Subtickets on the ticket, not the actual Subtasks/Subtickets. You can find that number on the ticket timeline tab. 

For now, you can submit this as an idea to our idea Exchange here:


No solution was made for seeing subtasks in the mobile app at this time.  Waiting on enhancements to be made to the app.