Tags? How are you using them?

  • 17 April 2024
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School District user. I am curious how others are using tags in tickets, and for what purpose? I am aware of creating them, applying them, using them in rules, but just not sure how it would benefit me to be using them. Any use cases would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks you.


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8 replies

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@SMillsTVSD Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

This is a great question for input from our community members. I know @TAnders is trying to use them for stale tickets. Are there any other ways you are using them? 

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We have been using them mainly for our billing tracking, we have a few vendors that are in the system that we need to bill out to. I have one tag that gets auto applied to all tickets for the vendors by name, then we have another tag that the secretaries add after billing/paying them. That way they just have a single view for things that need to be billed and it populates based on the vendor name tag, and if it does NOT have the paid/billed tag yet.


Our other use case is for our implementation team for new software, we have tags for which product the new software needs to be integrated into based on the ticket entry, and then it routes a sub ticket to the appropriate agent.


I would LOVE to start using them for Stale ticket tracking, but the built in permissions let agents add/remove tags from tickets as they please, so I can’t really use them to the best of their ability there (I did come up with a related option though using SLA’s for now).


Aside from those, we have a couple that we use to track our automation software errors in account setup and a few various ones for assets. 

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Interesting. Thank you for use cases. I will see how this could apply to us.

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We use them for some Rules as an extra filter option. I also have any ticket created with the API tagged so I can find them easily.

Just this morning I was wishing I could tag assets (though I guess a custom field would work).

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We use them for special projects or tickets that we might need to track later. E.g. Summer2024Projects, ECFGrant

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Thank you. This gives me some ideas on how we could benefit from using them.

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To relate tags to ITIL principles, we use them to identify incidents (a user reporting a problem) to the problem (the reason all those requestors made a ticket). If an AP in a school goes down (the problem), we might get 10 tickets related to it (incidents). The tickets will all get the same tag (i.e. wifiRFHSMay4). Once the problem is fixed, we can resolve all related tickets through a view and batch management.

When making rules that apply when both created and modified triggers are used but have the same ‘issue type’ filter, we’ll add a tag in the ‘created’ rule. Then, we’ll look for the tag in the ‘modified’ rule filter and add it if it is not there. That way, we don’t keep triggering the same action on any update to the ticket. For example, I want to email the requestor a KB article based on the issue type but I don’t want email them the KB every single time someone updates the ticket.

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I have discussed several of these ideas with our Tech Department and we have come up with some uses for our District. Thank you!