Ticket Creation Rule for Submitter's Location versus Asset Location?

  • 26 January 2023
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Our IIQ Agents are assigned to, and support, specific physical Locations. We have defined Rules when a ticket is created and conditions meet selected filter Locations. The Rules action is to assign the ticket to a specific Agent.

Each of the Rules appears to be executed well, however, the Rule is evaluating and matching an asset’s Location rather than the ticket submitter’s Location.

For example, if a user at Location A creates a ticket for an asset that does not have an Owner is associated with Location B, the Rule will assign the ticket to Location B’s Agent.

How might we modify these Rules so these tickets are assigned to the Agent who supports the ticket submitter’s Location?


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@rob.danninger Thank you for submitting your question. 

In our system, we called the submitter the requestor. Head to rules, tickets, trigger created. You can set a rule so that the location is matching the requestor. Second, you can set a rule for the ticket to always be assigned by location. Below is a screenshot of the actions.

I hope this helps 😄

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To piggy back on this, when using a ticket template to create bulk tickets for several assets at different locations, how would I create tickets based on the users location assigned to the device. I have tried several different methods and cannot get it to work correctly. The template does not seem to look at the asset locations or users assigned location but only the requestor of the ticket.