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  • 27 April 2022
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 Is there a way to run reporting based on tickets? Examples being:

  1. Users with the most tickets
  2. Assets with the most tickets

 I’m looking for options to dig deeper into ticket numbers and to see what users/assets have the most issues over time. Analytics is nice for a bigger picture view, but hoping to see more. Thanks.


5 replies

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Happy Friday, @Rich Bykowski! I wanted to get some more information from you to make sure I provide a beneficial solution. I know you said you’ve used the Analytics Explorer. Did filtering the data within the AE not provide the info you were wanting? Can you share a little more about the specific data you are wanting to see? I am thinking custom views may be helpful to you. Once I hear more about your specific data preferences (users/assets with the most - tickets submitted, tickets resolved, in-progress, etc.) then we can share the most appropriate next steps. 

Hello @Deborah Creekmore !

 Thanks for the reply. What I am hoping is for a way to see something like the following:

 A report (or view) on users that let’s me see how many users have opened > 1 (or whatever number I choose) tickets.

 A report (or view) on assets that have had > 1 (or whatever number I choose) tickets.


 I’m trying to get some visibility on users or assets with multiple issues to help us understand if additional work needs to be done with a user to limit the issues they are having or if an asset has had multiple problems and needs to be replaced.

 I can go one by one through users and assets to see their multiple tickets, but that’s not particularly efficient, so I was hoping there was a way to do this. 


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Hello there, @Rich Bykowski! I wanted to let you know that I did not forget about you. Thank you for providing some more insight. I have taken your information to a few of my team members and am waiting on clarification. As soon as I get some info. I will update you 🙂. Have a great rest of your day!

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Hello, @Rich Bykowski! The system currently cannot produce a report/view for your specific report request. This would be a great suggestion to add in our idea exchange! Here is the link:

In the meantime, there is an assets custom view filter for "asset attribute" to specify if an asset "has open tickets". You could also create a view to export and sort based on user or asset to gain a visual for the amounts. I know this is not exactly what you’re looking for, but I wanted to provide some other options that could possibly be helpful for your workflow. Thank you for reaching out and please let us know if you have any questions.

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@Rich Bykowski Thank you for submitting your idea. Here is the link for the idea submitted: