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  • 17 October 2023
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We are looking to make our toner request for printers system better. One of the issues we have is that there is no forced option for the user to tell us what toner they need. Yes, there is a text box but in our experience, users will do the least work possible when submitting a ticket. 


Is there a way that I am not seeing to force a specific set of questions for specific issues? For example, if they put in a ticket for a color printer, they must check boxes on what color they need?


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4 replies

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The feature you’re looking for is “Custom Fields” in the admin menu. Set up something like a multiselect custom field with all toner options, set the custom field to “Requestor Visible/Required”. Example multiselect below:


Once set up, go to the “tickets” tab at the top right, click “Add field with new conditions”, select your Toner custom field, then add a condition to make it show up only on relevant ticket queues (if you only want it on a specific ticket queue, you could add a condition for “Issue Type”. This is as flexible as any other filters in IncidentIQ, so you could have it show up on every Toner ticket across device models)

If you’ve done this successfully, you should see the field pop up in that ticket queue!



Awesome. This looks like exactly what we need. 

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Glad to help! Let know if you guys are ever hiring ;) (moving towards Whitman real soon lol)

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Y’all are on a roll today! Thank you both for the collaboration!

@KHowe 90708b3 rockland and @MichaelK12 😄