Users responding to the resolved ticket email directly

  • 11 January 2024
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If I have a resolved ticket and a requestor wants to respond by email to that resolved ticket email, how can I have the agent get an email notification that there is a new comment for them? I don't want the ticket to reopen if the requestor responds. By default, it doesn't reopen the ticket in IQ. I know it does that in other products. Thanks!

3 replies

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I believe the agent should already get an email notification. I know that’s how it works for us, and I don’t believe there are separate settings for if the ticket is open or closed when it comes to notifications. If they have email notifications turned on for updates, it should work.

However, if for some reason that is not working, I believe you can create a rule that accomplishes this.


Ok, I can do that. Right now I have the rule within the Site Options handle updates and that works while the tickets are open but not when they are resolved. This will apply it to the “status” for updates. Thanks!

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@DOaks 3070143 edkey Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

Thanks @jclark for providing that answer! We love to see the collaboration between our users!