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  • 11 November 2023
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Is there a way to view all tickets marked as “Duplicate”? When you click on → “Resolve Ticket → Resolve - Duplicate Ticket, it gives the ticket status with in the ticket as “Canceled - Duplicate Ticket”. However, if you go to all tickets view, and try to set a Filter on this, it does not exsist. However, it is there with a status of “Resolved”. See attached document.

How can you filter a view on all tickets that were marked as duplicate?



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3 replies


Hi Paul!  The status of this ticket is actually "resolved". when tickets are "resolved" or "canceled" they are given a "closed reason". The "closed reason" is then displayed as the status for the ticket. This workflow's "closed reason" is "canceled - duplicate ticket" however, that is not the status of the ticket. To see the true status of the ticket, click on status "canceled - duplicate ticket" on the ticket info and have a look at the status that is highlighted. Is there a reason you may want to see those duplicate tickets in a custom view? Curious if your workflow is something we can evaluate to find a resoluiton.



Thank you, did not know there was a Closed Reason Status

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Thanks @NBurke_iiQ for getting that reply. @PTranchida 4235870 rochester Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 I am glad she was able to provide you with the best answer to your question.