What do y'all do about tickets submitted without being linked to specific asset tag number?

  • 2 February 2024
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To help with reporting and audit, our team needs to ensure that every hardware ticket that gets submitted is tied to a specific asset.

Ideally, during the ticket submission process, the user should simply select the asset (based on its location, their favorites, by entering the asset tag number, etc.).

But what if the user doesn’t do this? What if, during the ticket submission process, the user instead just selects the associated model type from this junk drawer of device categories?

If a user selects hardware via this Device Category option, the ticket won’t be linked to a specific asset.
  • Is there a way to flag these tickets as not being tied to a particular asset?
  • Is there any functionality in Incident IQ to require a ticket to be associated with an asset?
  • Could we prevent the ticket from being marked as “resolved” until a specific asset tag/number is linked to the ticket?


We’re finding that our users are lazy and don’t want to locate or enter the asset tag for their hardware. Or, maybe the device isn’t associated with their room, so it doesn’t show up in their favorites. Either way, we need to force tickets to have assets.

The goal is to prevent this from happening when we run reports:

So many tickets, but no linked assets.

I would love to hear what other folks do to try and combat this problem. Thanks.

6 replies

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I’ll add one more thing:
I had hoped the answer would be to turn on “Require Assets to be Confirmed” in the Site Options:

My hero?


But then I realized folks can just straight up choose to ignore it lol

“Required” asset confirmation is more like “optional.”

So that doesn’t really solve anything.

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@zige Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 This is one instance than many other districts have found themselves in. One way that @EStapf_iiQ found to require an asset tag on a Quick Ticket would be to add a required custom field to enter the asset tag before they can submit the ticket: 


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We have this issue as well in our district.  After much thought and frustration, I added two custom fields to the ticket.  

  1.  Assigned Owner 
  2. Assigned Device

I made both fields required for select ticket categories and campuses.  I then sent out a training video how to submit tickets correctly.  I also added if the campus then completes the tickets correctly I would remove the required fields from their campus.  We still have several campuses that do not always enter the ticket correctly so they are still required. 


After the ticket is submitted they see the following confirmation message to remind them of the information needed in the ticket.  The tickets are all reviewed by our Help Desk team and they will link the assets in the ticket with the required field information.  Our technicians then verify the device when it is picked up and submitted for repair.  


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Thank you for the suggestions @ashort and @Kathryn Carter.

Using a custom field to require the asset number be added to the ticket is helpful, so at least its in there somewhere.

With that said, this doesn’t actually link the ticket to the asset without someone going in and adding it after the ticket has already been submitted, like you described, @ashort.

This will likely need to be added as an enhancement request.


For our district, we’ve been struggling with this issue as well. Our work around was focused on training the techs to link the asset before closing the ticket instead of trying to train all our staff on how to put in the tickets correctly.

We have a set rule in place that adds a tag to the ticket if it’s linked to a general model category and not a specific asset. Then once a week our department head looks at the list of tagged tickets and just has the techs correct them as needed. Right now its just for chromebooks in our district, but hopefully once we manage our inventory a little better we can expand it out more.

This unfortuntely does not answer your question and is only a work around until incident IQ adds this as a feature. I’d love to see something where you have to link an asset or a ticket has to be resolved with asset linked kinda deal. It still has its issues (IE, someone links the wrong asset it doesnt get caught in the tags), but it has helped us a alot. I’ll attach an image of the rule below incase anyone wants to see.



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@DPetroski 300251b milforded Thanks for adding your workaround to this thread! I love the idea of using that rule to add the tag. While it might be a manual process at the moment for updating the tickets, it is a good workaround. 😄