What is the use case for "Do not process any more rules" in the Rules engine?

  • 30 August 2023
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As the subject states, I’m trying to understand what the use case is of the option "Do not process any more rules" when creating a Rule. As far as I can tell, having that option clicked means any Rule further down the list is simply ignored (similar to setting the ticket to “Currently Disabled”) when creating a ticket. For greater specificity, we initially had the “Do not process any more rules” option selected for the second rule listed in the ‘when Created’ category, which then meant any other tickets listed further down were not processed. 

Is it just an easier way to have a long list of Rules that you want to manually control when that list is active? For example, if you had 10 rules in that category, but wanted to manually change it so that only the first 3 were active you could click the "Do not process any more rules" and simply stop the Rules engine there rather than having to individually disable all of the further rules in that category?

Reading the Knowledge Base I just couldn’t parse what the following means: “By default, rules are set to continue to the next rule in the rules list. You can also make this rule an ending point for any ticket by selecting Do not process any more rules.”

Is my understanding of its use case correct? Am I missing some other use?

2 replies

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Sounds like you have it figured out. We have that checked in nearly all our rules (which are quite a bit.) For example: We have a person that deals with all our hotspot tickets and any ticket created with an issue related to that is routed by rule to that specific agent. 

All other tickets get moved to a rule that assigns the ticket via round robin to our help desk team. 

Without the “Do not process any more rules” check, that ticket would get created, auto assign to our hotspot agent, and then continue on to trigger the round robin rule. I do have a couple rules that don’t have that enabled. But they typically involve wanting to send an email to a specific person to notify them about an event without stopping the processing of it.


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Thank @PBauchan 650c0fd mvsd for this question. 

As @bclark mentioned, it will stop the line of rules that will continue firing, even when you don't need them to. @bclark did a great job explaining this!  😄