What's the purpose of Asset Exchange in a ticket?

  • 4 January 2023
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Help me.  I don’t understand the purpose of the Exchange function for exchanging assets in a ticket.

The ticket is submitted because of a problem with the original device…it is decided that swapping out the device is the best option.  The new device works fine (obviously), but the old device still has the problem.  Why would the old device with the problem be removed from the ticket? 

This makes it look like the new device is the one with the problem when, in face, the new device was the solution.  Wouldn’t it be better to keep the old device attached to the ticket?

I’m just trying to understand the purpose and use case for the “Exchange” button, and how it differs functionally from the “Change” button



4 replies

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Hello @SRogers, other community members have the same thoughts as you when it comes to the Exchange function. Please see the following idea from the Idea Exchange and please upvote and add your comments: 


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The only possible solution I see is that you intend to give them the original broken device back after it is fixed.  I can only wrap my thought around it being purposeful if you do loaners and spares…


If you never intend on returning that device to that student then I would just stick with Check-ins and Check outs.  


I add the tag information of the broken device to the replacement device in the ticket as a comment.

You can go here to upvote the feature request that will allow this.

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Please leave any feedback on this thread:

Please note that we have submitted an internal ticket to review this verbiage and functionality. 😄