A View to have a list of Classes (Homerooms)

  • 2 February 2024
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How can I create a View of Homerooms?
I want to have a list of all Teachers and their Homerooms.

When I create a View in Users and add the Homeroom column, it is blank.  I appears to total the quantity ok.

5 replies

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What is your SIS or SSO? Are you bringing your rooms over in a custom field? 

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@Karen.Tirado.CPA Maybe you can take over on this convo.

@Kathryn Carter Our SIS is School Pathways with a custom code conversion to OneRoster file specs. We see the Homeroom under a Staff member with the students listed.  But maybe there is something else that prevents it from being properly spec’d.



@Kathryn Carter - Are you wondering if we use our SIS data sync for homerooms to fill in an IncidentIQ custom field? If so, no we don’t import that data into an IncidentIQ custom field. The homerooms are part of our OneRoster files that get synced every night through SFTP. The homerooms only show up on a staff’s IncidentIQ profile under the “Classes” section. 


In creating a new user view within IncidentIQ, we noticed the option to add the Homeroom as a column to the view. The column itself can be added, but no homeroom data appears on the view itself for staff members. 


Could you tell us what the “Homeroom” field/column for the Users view is tied to? Is it tied to “Classes” from the SIS data? Or is it possibly tied to “Assigned Room(s)” in the user profile?  

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@Karen.Tirado.CPA Thank you for adding onto this thread. 

First, homeroom does not equal assigned room. I was able to recreate your blank homeroom column. For this, I am going to introduce you to @SVanassche_iiQ who is your CSM. He will be reaching out to connect about this process with SFTP and get you on the right track! 


@Kathryn Carter - Sounds good.. thank you!