Allowing user view permissions does not allow user to view permissions

  • 27 July 2022
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I want to allow select staff to view the owner of a device (search by asset tag or serial number) or to search a user’s name or ID to see which, if any, devices are assigned to them. 


I am able to allow them to view all assets, but when I try to search for a user or their ID, i am not given the option, nor am I given any results. See screen shot below:

User Permissions
Search options

Is there a permission I am overlooking?

3 replies

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They have to have the agent role to use the search feature for users. 

So if we give them that access then they have access to other sections we don’t want them to have access to like tickets.  It says “

User Specific Permissions

The following permissions are in addition to the policies above and grant additional permissions directly to this user.

But in actuality it’s not if you have to change the role.

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Currently, what you stated is correct. 

Requestors can only have access to the following options in the picture below. If you are wanting to grant them more access they will have to be changed to the “Agent” role. 



There are a few ideas in our idea exchange regarding enhancements to our permission. I will list a couple below: