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Does anyone know of a way to assign users to rooms en masse, rather than having to click through the edit button on each individual user? When doing a user import, I’m unable to select “assigned room” as part of the “Target Field in iiQ” mapping. Surely there is a better way than assigning one-by-one.


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@EJordison 907f9c6 rockcastle Thank you for submitting your question!

With your SIS, do you have homerooms stored there? You can map the user's homeroom from your SIS into iiQ, which would assign the user the room. Here is a screenshot from one of the SIS integrations we support under User Mappings. 

I hope this helps 😄

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SIS is not an option for us for now.

I’d prefer (at least) initially via flat file import, or ADFS in that order. But using ADFS would mean to update each user attributes in AD. 

I’ve imported +8k rooms already for the purpose of selecting the room during ticket creation and that is ok. Now I’m looking for either mapping those existing rooms or updating users’ HomeRoom or Assigned Room with new import.  

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@ErickC - Thank you for your feedback. 

One of the benefits of mapping the rooms to user is when they are submitting a ticket, that “rooms” field will pre-populate to that users assigned room. So now the requestor would not have to select a room during the ticket submission process. One less field the requestor would need to fill out 😁

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@Hannah Bailey Yes, totally agree with that benefit, that is why I’d like to ask how to map the existing rooms to existing users or during a room import job to existing users?  Is the mapping only possible by using SIS?

Also, what is the difference in “Homeroom” and “Assigned Room” if any? Which one would be best if going the adfsSso route? Seems that this option is possible.



I do not see the the additional “Name Custom Field” or “Field Type” (4 and 5) fields in my environment either.


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We can map to the assigned room field with the ADFS app. To do so you will need to make sure that you are bringing over the field information with the Assigned Room in the Sync Executable tab and then they run a full sync to pull that field in. After running a full sync then set up a custom mapping to map that field to the assigned room field. After that all you need to do run one more sync for the information to update

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Hi @Hannah Bailey,

so what is the difference in Assigned User and HomeRoom when mapping with AD synch? 

I’ve used the “Assigned User” on test user, updated its AD attribute, created and downloaded a new Sync Executable, set up a custom mapping, ran an import, and the user was updated. I verified this in the sync log and under the user’s view, all that worked well. 

The issue now, is that the “Assigned Room” is not an optional column to select (Standard or Custom) when exporting users.      


Exported csv with HomeRoom column:



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@ErickC You are currently unable to export rooms as a column on the CSVs. Please go upvote and comment on this idea to see this in production. 


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Our district syncs data over from Genesis SIS, however we’ve been unable to get the homeroom field to update properly. Similar to the discussion in this post, we were hoping to be able to update the Assigned Rooms field for our users with either an SIS sync or via a manual import. Through testing we were able to import a CSV and update the homeroom field on a users account, although that didn’t automatically select the room for the user during ticket creation. It instead set the users homeroom field within the Genesis SIS tab, which doesn’t seem to be referenced when it comes to tickets/assets/etc.

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We are in the same boat it seems,   We have the information in our SIS, ( PowerSchool ) of the home room but we are also using Azure, so not wanting to roll over to ADFS to be able to assign them a room.


We are looking to import our staffs Assigned rooms, We were told do an export / then add a custom field called { Assigned Room } and reimport on top of existing. This sadly isn’t working as it is asking for iiQ field non of which is Assigned Room. The closest available is “homeroom” but that does not resolve.


I asked our rep and the above was their solution that does not work. 

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@DBergstol 8606904 ewrsd - Currently you are unable to import assigned rooms with the user importer. 

I would like to see this idea in our idea exchange for our product team.


I know of a couple of districts that ask their users, once they login to go and assign their room in their profile page. Of course we all know that some users will do this and some will not. But there is a knowledge base guide that you can send to show them how to assign their rooms.