Auto Add Permission on Student iiQ account creation

  • 19 January 2023
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The Global Student Role doesn’t fit our needs, but it is Read Only.

I’d like to set up a Rule to Automatically Add a Custom Policy for Students upon Student Account Creation in iiQ.

I do not see an automatic method to do this.  Can it be done with webhooks?


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4 replies

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If you go into Permissions and create your custom policy you should then be able to use the Role Policies section on the right of that page to assign your new custom policy to the role of student.  This would automatically map that policy to anyone with the role of student.  Unless you change a specific users policies manually of course.

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Thanks for that.

I suppose that I should have mentioned… I would only want this new Custom Policy to be applied to specific grades. Seems like your method will add to ALL Students.

I know that I can go to User Explorer and manually add a grade > select ALL and add the Permission Policy.  But I do not see how it can be automated.  We enroll people all year due to moves, changing schools, etc.  

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Badge +12 This idea is based off of this question for more granular user roles!


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Thanks @Kathryn Carter 

Yes, it seems like that would really REALLY help.