Bulk Updating User Policy Assignments - Bug or Limitation

  • 4 October 2022
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We are in the process of assigning/changing user policies to a ton of Agents. However, we’ve run into an issue. Rather than type it all, I did the screen recording linked below.


Is this a bug or intentional limitation?


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3 replies

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@davecarty Thank you for submitting your question.

We are looking in this 😄

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Thank you for providing that video. Extremely helpful for us and our support team. 

Currently, the bulk actions will only add or unassign “additional” permission policies. You cannot affect the default policy for bulk policy assignments and unassignments.

This was put in place because of the different modules directs have with iiQ. If you need to change the default policy of the user you will have to manually do that per user. You can always put this in our idea exchange as an enhancement 😄

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Thanks for confirming @Hannah Bailey. I’m going to set all Agents to a basic default policy and control settings via “additional policies” to avoid this problem in the future.