Can I add a model filter to User View?


We recently distributed new devices to students and I want to create a report the details who has not received one yet. My work around is a user view-asset view combo, but it would be much more efficient to have the model filter added to user view!


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@alexank - the idea below is to make the filters universal on ticket, asset, and user views. 

Currently how you have it set up in both view is the best way for now 😁




I concur with alanank about getting the Model filter available in User View.  As a librarian who is tasked with tracking and distributing Chromebooks and other devices, I need to be able to see which students have already been assigned the newest model of device as well as those without devices at all.  This cannot be done in Asset View since Asset View does not show students who have no devices, only those who do.

Moreover, we have hundreds if not thousands of device Models in our district, so being able to sift through them easily without having to use the “process of elimination” would be very helpful.

I’ve asked at our district level to have the Model filter added, but apparently it is on IIQ to do this?  IDK.

Please add this feature to User Explorer/View.

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@LCarlson - Thank you for your feedback and the detailed example. 

I am going to add your comment to that idea so our product team can see the example workflow. 😊