Custom Username Tags?

  • 19 October 2023
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Is there anyway that I can tag users with custom tags so I can easily filter out certain users from views?


We have a bunch of early grads who stay in our system and a several out of district kids who come here for one class. I was wondering if I could filter those kids from custom views like kids who don’t have devices checked out because those kids won’t have devices.


I thought I could use the internal notes field but I don’t seem to be able to filter based on that.


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4 replies

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You can create custom fields for users and go that route.

 And then it is editable from the user profile.

The downside - and I’ve complained about this for our districts needs - is that custom fields for one entity (in this case, “users”) aren’t filterable in views for other entities (such as asset or ticket views).

If you’re creating a custom view under “Users” - this will work.

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Here’s a couple screenshots of what that would look when filtering on a user view:


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Thanks!  That worked like a charm.  Appreciate it.

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Thank you @jclark16 for jumping in with that effective solution! @JRood 877c5a lvpioneers I am glad you got the answer you were looking for 😄