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  • 6 March 2024
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Does anyone know how we can get this data if possible?


Is it possible to get a report by user of the devices they've had checked out? Maybe by school year.


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Yes, if I understand what you’re looking for you can get this from an Asset View.

Make a new asset view and choose “Asset Field Changed” under “Timeline filters”

This brings up a page with a bunch of options. Change the date range to what you need with the calendar and below that you’ll see “Change Options”

Select “Owner” in the field changed box. That will reveal more options below.

Search for the user you want to view in the drop down next to “New value”. Then save.

This is all you will need to create this view and will show any assets assigned to the selected user within the selected date range. Hopefully this is helpful.

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Yes, that will work per student. I was meaning like a bulk report showing multiple students and what devices they have had in the past. 

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@jake Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

There is no official way to pull a view like this. Here is an article written by our own @JTherrien_iiQ about tagging repeat offenders and an idea from our Idea Exchange. 

Thank you @VSantamaria 77f090 tahomasd for adding your insight to this thread