Is there a way to edit the username of a manually created user?

  • 19 October 2023
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Is there a way to edit the username of a manually created user? I’ve tried to simply edit the user, but the username field is not an editable field. When creating the user, the username is set to the email address and we need to user name to basically be the email without the @ domain part. 

8 replies

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I believe it’s set that way because that is what’s used for authentication into the site. If you’re familiar with scripting, you could probably write an API call to set the username manually if you wanted to. There is an endpoint that accepts POST for users.

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@LREAGOR 54388e3 sville Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 

The usernames typically match the email address. I do not believe you are able to change that since its one of the unique identifiers that our system uses. 

Thanks, Kathryn. Since our classlink linked users had non-email address usernames, I thought we could make our manual ones match. Our issue is that the @ symbol is causing problems with some of our scripts that receive the username through the webhooks. 

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@LREAGOR 54388e3 sville In your user mappings, are you mapping the username? When the local account writes back into Classlink, you can change the username in Classlink and then have it update when it syncs again. 

Try that, and let me know how it goes! 😄

I mentioned classlink before, but we’re syncing our users and username from google. If the user is manually created, then it’s not in google and therefore will not sync. We’re using the ‘translate username’ option to remove the to get a clean username from google.

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@LREAGOR 54388e3 sville Is Google given permission to writeback from iiQ? If so, Google should create a new user and then when the sync happens, the local account should be updated. Here is our Google guide: 


Our Google sync does not allow writeback, as we don’t want users being sent from IIQ to Google. We’re also not wanting to create these users in Google or other systems. We just want to create some users in IIQ that match our normal username format.

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@LREAGOR 54388e3 sville Gotcha, if you do not want to take that avenue, then this will be a feature request that you can submit here: