Multi-factor Issues?

  • 10 January 2023
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We’re rolling out multi-factor authentication to our staff members next month. Even though we are hoping for an easy rollout, I want to be proactive in setting up a way for users to report an issue with this or if they have someone else report an issue on their behalf. Has anyone else gone through the process? Did you add Authenticator under User Accounts? It does not seem like there are default issues for this.

I appreciate any help or direction.

Thank you!

3 replies

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Are you wanting to add “Authenticator” as an issue category for users to choose when submitting a ticket? 

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I went ahead and added Duo. I just was curious what issues other schools found when going through the process to be proactive in having them available.

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@SheilaRox - So you created a custom model for Duo. I think that is the best approach. I would love to hear from other districts on their approach as well 😁