Room numbers from Infinite Campus not marked as homeroom

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We have elementary teachers whose room numbers are marked as homeroom in Infinite Campus. 

Our secondary teacher’s room numbers are not marked as home room. 

Is there a way to add the room numbers from the courses the teachers are assigned?  

We realize some secondary teachers would have more than 1 room assigned in their user. 


Best answer by nburke 21 February 2023, 14:16

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Hello, @shennessy. Unfortunately, this is currently not a functionality in iiQ. This would be a great addition for our idea exchange 🙂

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You can add more than one room to a teacher though.  However, each teacher individually would have to sign in to IIQ, click their name in the top right corner, choose My Profile and then select their assigned room/rooms.  We unfortunately do not have the ability to assign the room ourselves.  Which is definitely something I would like to see us be able to do in the user section for a teacher. Having the rooms assigned here is nice because when a teacher submits a ticket, the assets that are assigned to that room can appear automatically so they aren’t confused as to what asset tag or device to pick: