Set another Agent out of office for them

  • 11 August 2023
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We had a agent take vacation and tickets are getting assigned to them from their team, is there a way to set out of office for them? I did not see away to do that without being logged in as them.

3 replies

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@TCummings 9174959 juhsd 

For now, your agents would have to set their “out of office” from their profile. 



There are a couple of idea in our idea exchange around enhancing this feature. 



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I agree. I have  many scenarios that the agent just forgets to turn on their Out of Office or more commonly, they just are unexpectedly out for the day and don’t set it. A way for managers to correct this would be ideal! Currently I have my techs all assigned to teams where rules push tickets to those teams. I have to manually adjust these teams each time an agent is out of the office, and then revert the change when they are back. 

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Thank you for your feedback @dbindschusz ! 

Another similar idea to upvote and add your feedback to is linked here: